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November 21st, 2016

Aviastra Flight Charter Ltd — The Company

Aviastra was founded in early 2009 to make over two decades of commercial aviation experience available to its clients and colleagues. Good private charter brokerage should combine practical knowledge, an understanding of the importance of client care, a keen business sense to provide you with even keener prices and the overall flexibility to get your flight underway quickly and simply at any time of day or night. This is what we deliver.

From offices in Bournemouth Aviastra runs functionally separate passenger charter and air ambulance operations. The teams are structured to be available 24/7 and detailed briefings between day and night duty shifts allow a seamless service for clients whose calls are welcomed at any time. Established relationships with proven and trusted operators within Europe complement worldwide access to all other Wyvern, Argus and nationally certified operators and allow Aviastra to offer a complete international air charter service.

Mission Statement

“Through hard work and commitment Aviastra strives to offer the very best experience of private air charter. By focusing on the highest standards of safety, flexibility, service and value it is our aim to be recognised as a champion to the clients we serve and as a credit to the industry we represent.”

What we do

We deliver a VIP service as standard…

  • First we listen to what you tell us, what you need and prefer. Private charters, by their very nature, are bespoke; never feel you are just a passenger, particularly if you’ve not had the pleasure of chartering your own aircraft before. Tell us your requirements and don’t spare the detail, we leave no stone unturned to make it happen for you – it’s what we do.
  • Next we Select, you will understand the importance of our working experience of the different components of a charter flight. Its quite a jigsaw and we’re good at them. Every organisation is responsible for delivering the highest performance and we constantly monitor this. In the air or on the ground, we’ve been there and we know what’s right. Operators are carefully selected on this basis; being licensed is not enough.
  • Then we communicate, all operators are fully briefed on your specific flight. Special meals, travelling with pets, preferred wines or newspapers, extra security, even a preferred route to see something on the way – just let us know.
  • And finally, we listen again. We talk with operators and our clients. On the very rare occasions that things don’t go as smoothly as they should we find out exactly why and go to great lengths to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The Service

We broker entire capacity private charter flights for sole use of the client. This provides complete flexibility for the itinerary and routing to change at any time, before, during or even after departure. Essentially it becomes your aircraft to direct as you please (subject to safety and the capatain’s decision of course). If any changes have a financial impact then you will be at liberty to manage this through us or if you prefer directly with the aircraft operators… the choice is always yours… on everything.

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Global Airport Guide » Switzerland » Geneva International Airport

November 14th, 2016

Geneva International Airport

– Private Jet Charter


Airport Specifications

Runway Length (m)   3900

Aircraft Size up to   Heavy Jets

All Weather Operations   Yes

Night Operations   Yes

Geneva International Airport is located 3 miles northwest of the city centre and has direct connections to motorways, bus lines & railways. It is a great airport for private jet charter.

Aircraft » Mid Size Jets » Citation Sovereign

October 10th, 2016

Citation Sovereign

  • The Sovereign was designed by Cessna to fills a space between the Citation X below and the Excel above. It has FADEC for its engines and a Honeywell Primus Epic glass cockpit.
  • With a clever wing design it retains the ability to use short runways normally associated with much smaller aircraft. Seats can convert into 4 divan beds.
  • A luxury cabin provides club seating, fine dining, passenger entertainment and internet and phone connections on some aircraft.

If you have any questions about this aircraft or to discuss your charter requirements please call a Flight Manager on +44 (0)1202 375 444 or click here and complete a flight enquiry form.

Aircraft » Heavy Jets » Gulfstream G550

September 12th, 2016

Gulfstream V/G550

  • The G550 is the more popular development of the G500 developed by Gulfstream aerospace in Savannah, Georgia. The G550 jet can be distinguished from the G550 and GV by its extra seventh window compared to this photograph.
  • The G550 has the longest range in its class making connection from almost anywhere on earth to anywhere else possible in a single luxurious flight.
  • Gulfstream have led the way in cockpit development and safety with the G550 sporting the Plane View system, the infra-red Enhanced Vision System and cursor control technology.

If you have any questions about this aircraft or to discuss your charter requirements please call a Flight Manager on +44 (0)1202 375 444 or click here and complete a flight enquiry form

Charter Services » Empty Legs

August 1st, 2016

Private Charter – Empty Legs

As well as providing the very best in service and aircraft, part of our work on your behalf is to secure the most competitive prices possible.

Tremendous savings can be made by making use of “empty legs”. Aviastra maintains a real time and worldwide database of charter jet locations and we compare every flight request to check if these savings can be passed on to you. With a good match of requested routes up to 50% can be saved for an otherwise identical flight compared to those not making use of this highly efficient and cost effective system.

How it works…

Charter aircraft must have costs covered for all sections of a flight, even if the aircraft is empty on its way to pick up passengers or returning to base after the passengers have reached their destination. Clearly then there are lots of aircraft flying around empty that have already been paid for! If a second party of passengers are able to make use of these empty flight sectors, then fantastic savings can be made.

The closer the match of the required flight to that already being flown the greater the discount.

Flight managers are available around the clock if you have questions about this system or if you have a flight enquiry you would like to match up.

Key advantages of empty legs:

  • Up to 50% savings can be made
  • The route required does not need to exactly match that shown as available
  • Flights are available on a range of days
  • Well over a thousand sectors are on our database at any given time
  • This is not aircraft sharing – for your flight it is your aircraft

Private Aircraft Charter offers you the advantage

July 18th, 2016

Private Aircraft Charter offers you the advantage

Chartering a private jet or air taxi can be all things to everyone for almost any reason, but is not about hype. It offers real and serious benefits to individuals and businesses alike. Here is a simple overview of what makes private flying such a winner.

Aviastra - Why Charter

Saving Time

Booking a flight requires no more than a few phone calls and an email. We save you time by working out and planning the best route and itinerary while you get on with your day. Airports are often closer to your points of departure and arrival thereby minimising road time. Check-in times are minimal, seldom more than fifteen minute is required as you avoid terminals and queues and your luggage accompanies you throughout. Charter aircraft are fast and flexible in the air and usually make use of more direct routes than large scheduled aircraft.

Aviastra - Private Charter

Saving Money

Not to mention that saving time so often is saving money, when you charter an aircraft you do just that, charter the whole aircraft, not just a seat. Within the capacity of the aeroplane adding passengers to your group incurs no cost at all. Very soon the equivalent number of individual tickets can add up to more than your charter. Personalised schedules can reduce or even eliminate the need for overnight accommodation away from your business; you reduce costs and improve productivity.

Aviastra - Private Jets


Aviastra is founded on offering you the benefit of years of experience, practical unbiased advice and immediate simple access to worldwide aircraft charter. Information about yourself, your plans, your business and your schedule is kept in the strictest confidence.

Sometimes charter is perhaps not the way to go and we will always say so when we think this is the case. We are here to look after your best interests at every level. We earn the trust of our clients and we respect it.

Aviastra - Private Flight


Aviastra offers a central point of contact for all your air travel requirements. With your permission we keep your travel information on record making arrangement of short notice or frequent travel even quicker.

Time spent relaxing in the comfort of a private jet puts you in great condition to get on with things at your destination. Alternatively, don’t stop; a luxury cabin is ideal to continue or start that meeting, presentation or personal work.

Aviastra - Flight Security

Security & Safety

Here jet charter and air taxi flights have the edge on several levels.

At the airport your involvement with security protocols will be quick, polite and unobtrusive. Sometimes it will appear non-existent but be reassured that all the necessary administration has been done for you by Aviastra behind the scenes.

Charter passengers usually pass through private airport facilities with personal attention to everyone in the group throughout. Should you have them your own security staff can be accommodated and co-ordinated with airport and aircraft services.

Your luggage and valuables go to and from the aircraft with you. With few exceptions (certain restricted materials such as sporting ammunition) you decide what you carry on board and what you would like in the baggage compartment.

Aviastra will only ever fly you in an aircraft operated by a fully licensed operator, one holding a CAA issued Air Operator’s Certificate or national equivalent ensuring training, checking and operating standards are as high as the most prestigious national airlines. We keep records of all such certification and even then we are choosy, not all operators meet the highest standards of service that we insist upon on your behalf.

Aviastra - Private Aircraft


Changing plans, early finishes and business or holiday over-runs are not a problem – the whole purpose of charter is that it is your aircraft and your schedule. Charter operations are referred to as “ad-hoc”, they are based on quick and flexible responses to a quickly changing environment.

Occasionally important safety regulations on crew duty times may become involved and we will not promise that there will never be any change in costs (for example airports charge a fee to remain open after hours) but we do promise that we will do everything possible to accommodate your plans. Always you can avoid the total rigidity of an airline schedule.

Traveling with pets, special luggage, your meals, even preferring a particular newspaper or magazine; private aircraft flying is about you and what you require.

Aviastra - Luxury Air Charter


A luxury perhaps but not always, the service given to clients and colleagues by the care and exclusivity of a private flight can make a big difference in a world where impressions count.

Business aside, you may choose to simply impress yourself. You work hard, you and your family deserve it!

Private charter is the preferred form of travel for many celebrities, dignitaries and VIP passengers. Aviastra makes the same degree of exclusivity available to our clients for whatever reason they are flying.

Aviastra - Flight Service

Service & Comfort

Once upon a time traveling by air was an event in its own right. With a private aircraft it still is, you only need to look through the aircraft guide to see the comfort and space afforded by the interior of charter jets. On the ground also you have the civilised comfort of your own lounges and staff to look after you.

Private air charter is bespoke; you will receive individual attention from start to finish. Every member of the team throughout your journey is there to ensure your safety and comfort.

Aviastra Flight Charter – Bespoke Private Flight Charter

Aircraft » Commuter Turbo Props » Fokker 50

June 27th, 2016

  • The Fokker 50 (and stretch Fokker 60) are derivatives of the highly successful but outdated Fokker 27 friendship. Although similar in appearance they are actually very different aircraft with the Mk 50 containing very modern avionics and systems.
  • Short field performance is excellent and this is an ideal aircraft for corporate groups traveling to and from “in-city” airports such as London City on the River Thames.
  • Aircraft carry two cabin attendants and inflight service is tailored to the passengers requirements

If you have any questions about this aircraft or to discuss your charter requirements please call a Flight Manager on +44 (0)1202 375 444

Global Airport Guide » France » Nice

May 30th, 2016

Nice – Cote d’Azur Airport

– Private Jet Charter & Air Taxi


Airport Specifications

Runway Length (m) 2960

Aircraft Size up to  Heavy Jet

All Weather Operations Yes

Night Operations  Yes

Nice Cote d’Azur Airport is located about 4 miles southwest of Nice, due to its proximity to the Principality of Monaco it also serves as that city states airport, with helicopter services linking the city and the airport.

Charter Services » Events

May 23rd, 2016

Private Jet Charter to your favorite events

Sports  •  World Championships  •  Festivals  •  The Arts

Corporate Entertainment

There is so much to do and so much to see! Fit life into a busy schedule, arrive in style and be ready to get the most out of your destination.

Private jets bring the world that bit closer – what better way to add excitement to the Grand Prix, glamour to the Cannes Film Festival or style to the Venice Opera.

Call 01202 375444 for a quote or click here and complete an enquiry form

Global Airport Guide » United Arab Emirates » Dubai – Dubai International Airport

April 18th, 2016

Dubai International Airport

– Private Jet Charter


Airport Specifications

Runway Length (m) 4000

Aircraft Size up to Heavy Jets

All Weather Operations Yes

Night Operations Yes

Dubai International Airport is located 3 miles southeast of Dubai.