Executive and Private Helicopter Air Charter

For business, airport transfers, leisure or sports events, in fact anytime you need speed, convenience and style, an easily arranged professional helicopter charter is the answer.

Helicopter Charter

Helicopter Charter delivers Value, Flexibility and Service
Direct from city heliports
All-weather and night capability
Land at hotels, sports venues and private sites
Rapid transfer from airports to city-centre
A helicopter will take your party from a city heliport to a peripheral airport in 12 minutes rather than hours in rush hour road traffic; from there to a fixed wing flight abroad or direct to your destination within a few hundred miles. It is the best way to fit an evening engagement in with a full work day.

For weddings, treats and anniversaries the memorable excitement of arriving by air, direct to the venue is priceless.

Aviastra offers a wide choice of helicopters to suit all purposes.

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