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Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility

Airport Guide & Browser compatability

Internet Explorer - version 8

We don't normally get involved with technical stuff like this but Aviastra tries to offer a complete service wherever you might need it ... so here goes!

The issue: You may have noticed in the country selection page for  USA, Canada or other countries broken down by region or state that clicking on the selection doesn't do anything! Perhaps you have encountered this problem before on other sites so we hope these solutions will be helpful.

The Reason: Unfortunately Internet Explorer version 8 does not yet support some of the technology used in this website. Its a pity, but hopefully updates will come from Microsoft soon.

The Solution: The three easiest solutions to this problem are:

  1. Return to using IE 6 or IE 7
  2. Using IE 8 Compatability Button. This effectively makes IE 8 behave like IE 7 for page viewing. Click on this symbol and wait a few seconds. A panel will appear telling you you are in compatability mode.

    IE8 compatability button

    If this button is not visible, right click at the top of your browser and ensure that "compatability view button" is checked.

    IE8 views
  3. Use other browsers. Here are three alternatives, click these links if you'd like to try them. ( We have absolutely no commercial agreement with any of these bowser designers although we do have to be nice to the guys who look after this website, see below!)

    Mozilla Firefox v 3.5.2 - Windows
    Mozilla Firefox v 3.5.1 - Mac

    Opera v 9.64 - Windows
    Opera v 9.64 - Mac

    Safari v 4 - Windows & Mac


We are not browser experts by any means (we leave that to the very clever people at StrawberrySoup) but we can probably help on this particular issue if you are having difficulty. Please call if we can be of help.

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